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A bit about me...

You know how people say, “In a nutshell?” Yeah. Well, mine is a pretty big nut.. 

The highlights? My full-time career on stage and in the studio as a professional musician got interrupted when symptoms of extreme exhaustion, food reactions, brain fog, infertility, and anxiety began plaguing me. The doctors put me on a lot of meds that didn’t work. Then, they told me it was all in my head. A year and a half later, I gained over 100 pounds and they told me that my body was so toxic, I had to get my affairs in order. They said that if I did live that I’d never have children.

I was 27 years old and trying to not die.

#Good times

I had to find my way back home to me. Without the support of family and friends. Without Google. With a mix of research, inner faith, and mystical journey, I took a deep dive into my soul -- exploring childhood traumas, wonky mindsets that helped me cope, and sabotaging patterns that were no longer serving me.

What felt like the end of me was really the end of old ways I had been using to survive.

I came out on the other side, knowing that this was more than just a health issue -- it was a calling to connect back to my body, to my beautiful spirit, and to trusting and feeling safe within me so that I could be in relationships where everyone was thriving -- including me.

That’s why my approach is about offering relief -- I want you to know that  you’re not crazy and you’re not alone. And I offer empowerment -- We replace your sabotaging thoughts with high mindsets and give you practical tools to live out daily to help you love yourself where you are while you’re on the way to getting where you want to be.

How can I support you?


Weight Loss

Personal Growth

It’s time to find your way.

Get beyond the stress of feeling lost and alone without a plan, not sure who to trust, and powerless to heal and move forward.

It's time to thrive again.

You’ve followed the traditional path of doctor visits, labs, and trying to understand your diagnosis. You don’t feel any better and don’t know what’s next. Your middle-of-the-night online searches are mixed with worry and brain-fog. It’s overwhelming and feels like there’s no clear solution to be found. 
It’s so frustrating when you don’t know what to do. 
As strong as you are, you can’t pretend your way out of this.  You can’t pretend to feel better. You can’t pretend to know what to do. You can’t pretend your life hasn’t changed. 
I know how hard this is. I’ve been where you are.
It’s time for you to learn what you are dealing with and how to deal with it powerfully.
It’s time to feel supported, understood, and loved by someone who has been where you are and knows how to get you to where you want to be.
With decades of experience, and helping thousands of women all across the world through my books, coaching, and courses, I’m dedicated to to providing shortcuts, simple plans, and extraordinary support for women just like you.
Your soul knows it’s time...
it’s time to feel like you again.

"Stacey is an amazing human and a superlative Life Coach and healer. She is unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with in her warmth, depth, knowledge and well rounded experience. She always has valuable suggestions and insights that offer tools for the work one is doing in self awareness, growth and healing. I have reached goals in this time with Stacey via the phone that I have been striving for for years. I cannot say how exciting this and how happy I am to be actualizing under Stacey’s tutelage/care. It’s remarkable to me how effective our sessions over the phone are, but not surprising given Stacey’s ways and her person. She is the best Coach!"

"When I met Stacey it was like meeting a wise sage, my favorite coach, and my best girlfriend all in one. She has a way of making the tangley things become clear and the impossible things seem possible. It’s like she takes a spotlight and shines it on the wisdom that is already inside of me. When I read her book, I cried through the entire thing! I finally didn’t feel alone and completely crazy. With her guidance I am finally growing into the person I am meant to be."

"I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 2.5 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. Thankfully, that diagnosis saved that pregnancy and gave me the most wonderful gift-my baby girl! After so many years of struggling and feeling sick, and tired of feeling sick and tired, I began doing some research on Hashimoto’s and the effect it has on my health and well being. That’s when I came across Stacey’s book. I can’t tell you how much this book has impacted me... inspired me, comforted me, validated me, and loved me. I very much appreciate Stacey for her brave honesty, humor, integrity, divine wisdom, and tireless efforts to find a loving and healthy way to heal from this disease and from life’s traumas."

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Feel at peace. Be supported. Know your path.

Lose weight -- Have energy -- Enjoy your relationships -- Have a clear wellness plan -- Gain knowledge -- Express your truest self -- Heal your past -- Live your dream life -- Feel like YOU again

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