This is exactly what I need...

We all have some desire to reach a goal that means something to us… to lose those 20 pounds or to learn that foreign language… to declutter that garage, learn that dance, to sing that song or play that instrument... to paint again, or to write that book, climb that mountain, or run that race.

There’s some place of passion that lives inside each of us that we are excited to put into action.

And yet, we roll around to another Monday or change of seasons or New Year’s Day and find ourselves still with that dream living inside of us instead of us living inside of the dream.



Why do we put off something that means so much to us?

Well, there are a few reasons out of the many:

  • We feel overwhelmed - and aren’t sure where to start or how to break down the bigger goal into little pieces.
  • We feel unsupported - because maybe the people around us don’t share the same passion for this goal as we do.
  • We feel it’s too late or that we’re too old - and treat our dreams like they have an expiration date like the milk in our refrigerator.
  • We feel unqualified - and say things like, “But I’m not a dancer…” or “I was never good at art.”
  • We feel unworthy - of having good things or fun things while there are still places in our life that are messy or in process.

    Those are just some of the many reasons I’ve heard my clients say.

    But two of the biggest reasons that I hear as the even deeper ‘why’ the dream is still sitting on the shelf is this:

  • We feel untrusting of ourselves -- because we’ve started so many other times and stopped or dropped out and we just don’t know that we’ve got it in us to follow through this time.
  • We feel like we’ve ruined it -- that past failures mean that we don’t get to have any more chances at future success.

    But what if there was also some science to why you’re not picking up your dream and dusting it off?

    Did you know that there’s a part of your brain that is wired to keep you moving toward what feels good and away from unpleasant or painful experiences? The limbic system in the brain is on automatic pilot. It’s the part of you that takes learned experiences from the past and has you back up when you’re on a high ledge of a balcony or pull your hand away from the hot stove.

    It loves when you go to safe places and do safe, happy things.

    It’s about self-preservation and pleasure. Keep me away from danger and get me to the good stuff.

    Well, here’s the thing about when we’ve procrastinated on something like a goal we want to reach or a dream we want to fulfill:

    The brain (more specifically, the amygdala) actually registers the thing we’re procrastinating on, as danger.

    So, we say we want something like losing that weight or climbing that mountain and then, we procrastinate on the desire… and instead of the dream staying in the pleasure center of our brain, it goes into the part of the brain that says “DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!!” every time we try to attempt it again. (If you’re under 50, you’re going to Google that like my son did.)

    Our brain sees our DREAM like a hot stove.

    So, how do we tell this overprotective parent part of ourselves that our dream isn’t dangerous -- that all is well and this is actually a good thing?

We take action that proves it to ourselves.

Like I started doing on August 1, 2014...

I am SO inspired

"My Gong was to spend quiet time with God each dayI have found myself willingly getting up 15-20 minutes earlier, at times this meant 4:40 am in order to do my Gong first thing. And I've kept up with my first Gong of working out 5 days a week as well. I feel physically stronger and healthier and also so much more centered and calm, regardless of how crazy it might be around me. "Gonging" has had a powerful impact on my life. "

All Praises!
- RS, California

"100 days of daily journaling and mindfulness meditating complete. There have been some major internal shifts from this Gong, leading to several life changing events. Definitely for the better. I'm up to my eyeballs in transition and find my Gong goals the most stabilizing foundation I know I can count on. Stepping into my power and overcoming my fears has become my M.O. "

Life Changing!
- MP, Kenya

" I focused my gong on being mindful every day, with either a walk in nature, meditation or yoga. I had never tried meditation, so it was the least interesting to me. Through thick and thin, I found at least 10-20 minutes to get quiet with myself and meditate. Even when the house seemed like it was crashing down around me and 'mama' was the only one who could rescue everyone, I sat and meditated. I learned that I could go back to life as I know it AFTER I took care of my gong. Then I learned that my gong BECAME life as I know it. Not a day went by that I didn't take care of myself in this way. I looked forward to it because it brought me a new dimension in learning about myself, about the decisions I make and why, and learning about my relationships with others. I learned how to open my heart to ask myself 'who is the person I want to be?' and then sit quietly for the answer. I learned how to tap into my spirituality and ask for support from higher powers. And I was able to be quiet enough to receive that support, which is truly a blessing. Thank you, Stacey, for inspiring me to challenge myself in this way! "

Mindful and Intentional!
- JB, Massachusetts

"100 days complete with my art and I have designed and produced over 35 adult coloring cards for my business in the past 100 days!"

Passion Driven!
- LR, Florida

"I completed my second gong by having a small, doable list of items that could be done inside an hour: journaling, meditation, reviewing my calendar and to do list. I originally had failed my first gong, because I tried to cram everything I want to do, but wasn't doing in my life into it. Stacey patiently reminded me to not do too much. For me, the benefit (and challenge) was to keep consistent. By doing my gong consistently, I got access to the prize; results, self respect and the revelation that I have issues that come to the surface when I'm consistent doing something. I got to see the pattern play out day after day, which helped me see how I was working against myself. This is a way to access the power that you already have. I highly recommend it. "

Guided and Peaceful!
- RR, California

"This 100-Day Gong was a very memorable time for me, I had a great time with you, your posts, meditations and mantras and a great time with posts and experiences of everyone who participated in the 100 Day Gong. Other people sharing their journey was an amazing part of the whole experience! I chose to journal at least once a day for 100 days and do some deep breathing for 1 minute. The breathing was important but the journaling… I had no idea how important that was going to be for me. I wanted to journal for several years but didn’t do or it got lazy but with the gong, I forced myself into a situation where I just wanted to do it every single day and it was awesome! I enjoyed writing my thoughts or events throughout the day. Sometimes I wrote once and other times several times a day. The thing about journaling for me, I’ve realized how important my thoughts and experiences are. They are not just random happenings that take place throughout my life. That has helped me to take my self, my thoughts, and experiences more seriously. I’m a fun-loving guy, so it’s not that I’m not being too serious but I’m taking my thoughts and treating them with value -- my dreams and visions -- by putting them down daily. I’m still continuing to journal and it’s become an important aspect of my life. I’m looking forward to the next gong where I’m going to challenge myself a little more. Thank you for work your dedication and everything you do I just want to give you a heartfelt thank you, you’re the best. Thank you! "

- RU, Germany

My 100-Day Gong Experience

Well, the truth is that I started taking actions on my dreams early on in my life -- I’ve done what others think is scary or impossible with performing on stages, collaborating with people of great influence, and writing books that express my soul --  but I’ve also had some desires that I was avoiding. I had 70 more pounds to lose, health issues I wanted to address, places I wanted to travel (can we say ‘fear of flying’ much?), a beach full of sand that I wanted to run on, and so much more… I said similar things that my clients did, “I’m unworthy. It’s too hard. I don’t trust myself to do it all the way this time…”

And so I sat in that mixed world of brave and insecure. Dreams fulfilled and dreams on the shelf.

And then, I heard about the 100-Day Gong experience (gong just means length of time you do something -- it’s not that big brass thing with a mallet that you’re thinking of.)

It was actually in early 2014 when I heard about a 100-Day Gong from Dr. Pedram Shojai (a.k.a. The Urban Monk) who lived as a monk and knew powerful spiritual practices from the East that he ended up incorporating into his Western life.

This one was filled with a daily practice that you do, every day for 100 days without fail -- and if you miss a day, you start over.

Simple, right?

The Eastern version is filled with meditation and Qi-Gong, which sounded kind of meh to me to be honest.

But you know, we Westerners love adopting ideas and adapting them...

So, that’s what I was going to do!

I was going to pick something toward my goals and do it every day, for 100 days!

Well, actually, I took a little bit of the longer path to actually doing it…

All Around the Mulberry Bush

When I first learned about it, I kept elbowing my husband in the ribs: You should do this… you really should do this?” To which he rolled his eyes, said he would, and then, didn’t do it.

I watched him not do his gong for 100 days.

I was so aggravated.

Until it clicked that was the one I was aggravated with.

Because I was the one who was sitting in the stands of my dreams while expecting someone else to make them come true.

I was the one being called to action.

And on August 1st, 2014 I finally did...

The Revealer and the Healer

Because I know me and know that I, generally, do better in a container with supportive community, I decided to let people know I was doing this 100-Day commitment and invited them to join me.

25 did. We walked the 100 days together.

Oh, it was quite a journey which I share more about later but suffice it to say, I did the typical: Big excitement! Big start! And then, by Day 6 was ready to bail.

But I had 25 other people looking for me to lead this parade -- I couldn’t quit now!

So, I kept going. And going.

Each day and week brought different opportunities, insights, challenges, and revelations.

I tracked them all for our little group and for my own personal curiosity.

It was amazing how day 21 was so much different than day 40 and how by day 66 I wanted to scream that there was so much time left to go but by day 70 I was sad there was only a month left.

Seriously, you guys… it was a wild ride.

I learned so much about myself.

Like how I get overambitious and pick too many things to do at once (yup. Learned that in the gong…)

Like that I’m a great starter, good finisher and that middle part is pretty tricky and when it gets tricky, I hide and procrastinate until I reach out for help from the people around me.

Well, hello: Guess what life is? It’s pretty much all middle.

And guess what every dream has?

A middle.


Big lessons for me.

The gong showed me -- revealed to me -- the challenges that I face in everyday real life, in my relationships, business, and dreams that lived in my heart.

The gong is a revealer.

But not only that, the gong is a healer.

Because I learned that when you keep going on the thing you’re committed to, those steady actions will heal you.

One of the biggest things I noticed after my first gong was that the naggy, bitchy, critic that lived in my head and constantly put me down, grew silent.

I thought, “Whoa. This is POWERFUL stuff.”

The Community

But it wasn’t just me:

  • Mike went gluten-free and lost over 30 pounds.
  • Sarah was in the health field and started a side business with her newfound joy in painting.
  • Amanda made zen doodles for her meditation.
  • Robert went on daily walks in nature and found his chill and better health.

    And the stories just kept coming in of people who chose 100 days of daily practice in:
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Writing
    • Painting
    • Dancing
    • Studying a language
    • Drawing
    • Drinking 8 glasses of water a day
    • Exercising
    • De-cluttering
    • Acts of kindness
    • Jewelry-making
    • Knitting
    • Fasting from media
    • Prayer
    • Book reading
    • Singing
    • Practicing guitar
    • Researching health
    • Calligraphy
    • Drinking green juices or smoothies

And on and on...

So, I did it again. And this time almost 125 people joined in.

And I kept going and my life kept transforming and so did others!

A Different Life and a Life that Makes a Difference

Here I am 5 years and 10 completed gongs later and my life is in SUCH a different place.

  • The weight was lost (over 100 pounds now!)
  • More books were written.
    I’ve created Italian retreats and fly to Italy every year.
  • I have my yoga teaching certification.
  • A health coaching certification.
  • A thriving coaching business
  • A thriving retreat business
    With books and courses that support people all over the world.

I have...

  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Respect
  • Self-Trust

I feel like ME.

And I’m living a life that I truly love.

It’s Your Time

I want that for you too.

Every time I’ve talked about the 100-Day Gong over the last 5 years, people go from curious to committed and ask me to walk them through.

The truth is that I’ve gotten a little quiet and private about my gongs. My life went from outward to inward for a time as I’ve been doing some deep work and growth over the last few years. I’ve been supporting my husband in doing his gongs and my youngest son, who started doing them at 11, is now 15 and has completed 3 of his own.

Now, I’m coming to the surface again and ready to create something beautiful for us all to thrive.

So, I’m back and creating a container for people all over the world to walk through their 100-Days too.

We know that statistics tell us that most people will quit their New Year’s Resolutions by the second week of January. I get it. I was one of those statistics for too many years to count.

And I also know how many times I put all the pressure on the altar of “Next Monday” to start my new diet or whatever, only to find myself headfirst in a pan of brownies by lunch time, only to wait until the next Monday to do it all again…

So, I’m getting you ready NOW to prepare for our 100-Day Gong experience to begin on TUESDAY, January 28th, 2020 (because life doesn’t start on Mondays) and complete on April 10th, 2020 so that you can start living the life you really want to live and having the dreams you really want to fulfill.

In our Gong, I will be supporting you with:

  • Preparation emails that start coming right away that tell you more about the history of the gong, how to choose yours, what NOT to do, and what happens when you blow it -- this helps you get really ready to make the most of your 100-Days!
  • A private FB group beginning on January 28th filled with a supportive team and community to be a source of companionship and encouragement along the way.
  • Daily emails filled with mantras and meditations from me to support you in those unique challenges and opportunities that come up with the Gong.
  • Weekly group coaching calls so that you can jump on and get the support you need in more specific ways in a live setting.

Daily Action.
Done Consistently.
Over Time.

This practice has changed my life.

I said, “Yes” to the 100-Day Gong and I ended up saying “Yes” to my dreams and the life that I love.

I’m done waiting for the big windfalls of time, money, and opportunity in order to have the life I really want.

Life starts now.

It’s time to stop waiting and it’s time to start creating.

Your heart is calling…

Answer it.

I’m so excited to share these 100 Days with you.


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