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Meet Stacey

Stacey Robbins CHC, RYT200 is a collector of life stories and experiences. A traveler and a guide who has taken her collection of hilarious accounts of being raised in a crazy, Italian family in the Northeast, along with her heart-aching tales of unimaginable happenings, and mixed them together with her spiritual journey, her health journey, her marriage, parenting and finding-her-soul journey…

And puts them all together with wisdom, grace, messiness and magic that become the ingredients for a life that is rich with meaning and impact. To hear the stories makes us feel less alone on our travels and more at ease, while she reminds us of our power to use everything -- including the hard things -- to make us clearer on who we are here to be and to do what we are here to do.

She knows how to do that with us, because she’s done that for herself.

Stacey and Hashimoto’s

At 27, the busy life of a professional musician and stressful marriage was interrupted with symptoms that started slowing Stacey down to take notice. Body aches, insomnia, stomach distress, brain fog, anxiety, exhaustion, and so much more became distracting to the point where she went from doctor-to-doctor and was given multiple medications but no clear diagnosis. The health professional went from trying to figure out what was going on to then, telling Stacey it was all in her head. After a year-and-a-half of worsening to the point of sleeping in the car outside the hospital, night-after-night, for fear for her life, the doctors told her that she was dying -- and that if she did live, she would never have children.

It became Stacey’s deep, spiritual work to see what the doctor’s weren’t seeing and to heal what they said was not possible to heal.

Stacey and Spirituality

When she came to the point of asking, “What is my body trying to tell me that I haven’t been listening to and what has been driving me that got to this point?” What came back on the inside was a discovery of what was conflicted inside of her. Family ideas of being loved but not being safe. Spiritual ideas of believing but not being at peace. Personal ideas of being gifted and talented and yet feeling like she was never enough.

The conflict came to the surface and couldn’t be ignored anymore because her body was getting her attention on so many levels.

Stacey and Weight Gain

During the time when the doctors were not sure of what was happening, one of the overwhelming side-effects was constant weight gain. No matter how she ate or what she drank or how much or how little she exercised, the numbers on the scale kept climbing. Within one year, she nearly doubled her weight and found herself at 270 pounds and devastated to not recognize herself anymore.

Stacey and the Journey Back Home

Eventually, over time and so much work physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually -- what seemed like her undoing was really an unraveling that led to an unfolding… Of stripping away the outside life as she knew it and realizing what needed healing was beneath the surface.

In the process of seeing, releasing, embracing, and healing -- the next chapters of her life began as she found her health - and her inner healing -- as she found her way to spiritual peace and motherhood and a truer version of her voice -- to then offer relief, empowerment, and support for others. Stacey began working with women to show them how to use the circumstances they are in to lead them back home to loving themselves and living the life they are most passionate to live.

That work has reached tens of thousands of women across the globe to impact their life, health, happiness, and peace.

Hey Girlfriends…

What a wild ride to be in this lifetime with all of these experiences! My heart is to serve you with them -- to take all of the decades of experience and personal development classes -- to take the tools of Universal Psychology, nutrition, and healing arts -- and to bring them all together so that I could support others on their journey for the last 23 years.

What I’ve learned most about Hashimoto’s is this: My body is not betraying me; it’s informing me. It was trying to let me in on what it needed me to pay attention to.

And then, it became a flashlight to each significant area of my life: My beliefs, relationships, the way I ate, moved my body, rested, and my spirituality.

It’s my honor to be with you as you find your way through Hashimoto’s and all the varying places those have impact: Your relationships, your work, your weight, your energy, and your dreams.

It’s time to look at what you believe about yourself and life, what conflict you might be needing to address, and what practical changes you might need to make in your life.

It’s time, girlfriends… it’s time for health and healing and for coming back home to you.

Can’t wait to share this good, good work with you!


Stacey Robbins CHC, RYT200 is the author of the award-winning book You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone and An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide. She coaches women all over the world with Hashimoto’s and helps them to live the power they have within as they see this condition as their opportunity to rise to who they’re here to be --  and gives them practical tools for living life well with this autoimmune condition. In addition to her books, coaching and courses, Stacey leads gorgeous, gluten-free, Italian retreats for her clients and readers. She and her husband, Rock have been married 31 years and have two teenage sons, Caleb and Seth. They live their messy, magical life in Southern California and travel the world together.


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