Love yourself, lose the weight, and live your dreams


Oh, I have BEEN ready

Who else is tired of dieting? (Raise your hand)


I am SO ready to lose weight...

and get the support that I really need.

I'm in!

Margaritas, chips, and guacamole.


Oh. My. Gosh. How many of us are dealing with the Covid 19?  And no, I don’t mean the virus itself…

I mean the extra 19 pounds from the lockdowns that lacked sit ups or pushups and included the binges from wine to chips, to cookies to Netflix.

I hear you, Girlfriends.

My most-faithful arm exercises were opening and closing the refrigerator door and twisting the top off a new olive jar for my favorite vodka martinis.

You. Are Not. Alone

What we thought was going to be 2 weeks of lockdown just celebrated its one year anniversary.

While this year HAS been hard -- maybe it's been many years of feeling unhappy with your weight.

We may not know where it started, or how it got magnified in our life but at some point, after years of diet effort, we get tired.

Our "I don't want to" and "You can't make me" muscles get really strong.

We just want a break from all the have-tos and we want to start living in the want-tos.

We want to stop overthinking and calorie counting and measuring and just want to LIVE.

Here's the good news: You CAN.

The Weight Loss Bundle is here for you!

Plus 2 bonuses for you... 

This is JUST what I need.


I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars...

on health, wellness, personal development, and weight loss -- as well as decades researching, experimenting and discovering what works and what doesn’t.

I don’t want you to spend any more time, energy, or money than you have to -- to get to where you want to be.

You could say that short-cutting people to their dreams is a specialty of mine and I want you to get to your dreams as fast as you can.

Women, just like you, have had the success you long for...

I want this to be my story too!



Love Yourself

learn to really, really, like you


Lose the Weight

hips get smaller, hips stay smaller 


Live your dreams

it really is your birth right 

Yeah, but you don’t know how much I have stacked against me:

Slow thyroid


Hormonal Shifts

Plus, it’s like the fast food jungle in my home -- no one in my family will eat this way with me!
Holy guacamole, Batman. I truly get it.
I’ve been where you are in all of those categories AND I’ve lost the weight.
Yup. Dealing with Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune condition that affects the thyroid.)
Losing most of the weight in my 40’s and 50’s.
WHILE going through the wonky hormones of perimenopause.


It was a lot of experimenting, listening to my body, and adjusting. As a certified health coach and expert-short-cutter, I will be sharing this with you so that you can find your way faster through the maze.

Oh, and you want to hear something wild? My husband, whom I’ve lovingly nicknamed, “Rocky ‘Pepperoni’ Robbins” for his love for fast foods, THANKS ME, for the health and deliciousness that I’ve brought to our home and for our boys.

Just because something feels impossible, doesn’t mean it is.

Let me show you how possible it is.

Show Me!

Here we are: Ready to do something... new

Well, maybe we don’t FEEL ready, but we realize that this isn’t really sustainable -- the way we’re eating and drinking and handling life’s changes, daily stress, or our depression.

I'm ready for something DIFFERENT!

Everyone has a story.  This is mine.

I had done so many diets from the time I was 9 years-old when my dad called me to the end of the dining table where our Italian family sat, and he grabbed the little bit of pudge on my belly in my Ziggy shirt and said, “Stasha, we have to do something about this.”

OMG!  I died a thousand deaths in front of everyone!

I told my mother the next day to take me to the doctor.

You’re not overweight.” My mom said.

I insisted she take me.

You don’t have to lose weight.” The doctor said.

I insisted he tell me what to do.

He looked at my mother who raised her eyebrows at him. I know she wanted to throttle my dad for being unaware of the impact on me at that age.

“Eat half the amount of bread you normally eat and half the amount of potatoes.”

I nodded soberly and did exactly as he said. I lost the weight and at 9 years-old began a diet career and set the stage for a future eating disorder.

43 years later, I have a lot to share with you.

Yes, we are in a relationship with food.

3-5 times a day. Every time we walk through the kitchen. Every time we reserve a vacation. Attend a wedding. Or a funeral. Watch a cooking show. Or plan a party.

When we meet with friends. Or business colleagues. Or attend a church potluck. Or holiday event. Or when the attendant on the flight asks us if we want a snack.

We can give up alcohol, smoking, or recreational drugs because those we can live without.

But food?

Yeah, no. Not so much.

Food is the long-term, for better; for worse, in sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part Relationship.

And when we go through something that puts a good or bad label on us, we will project that out onto everything other relationship in life, including food.

Yeah.  I need a healthy relationship with food.

I'm In

Imagine living in a body that…


  • Feels energy getting out of bed and ready to take on the day with a purpose

  • Feels good sliding into jeans that have some extra room in them.

  • Feels happy and light as you move around your home to help the family get their day going in great ways.

  • Feels free to bend or reach or stretch or sit.

  • Feels ready for the good things that are here and that you are creating.

  • Feels like you…

The Big Ol' Buts

(pun so very intended)


But what if I don't trust me to follow through:

We keep our word to our bosses, our friends, our family members — and heck, even the neighbor across the way. They all can count on us, but how come we can’t trust that we will follow through on something as important to us as our health? We address the mindset behind this and the trust-building in the most important relationship — with you!

But I'm tired of denying myself and missing out on the fun of life:

Oh, I so get it! When I traveled in the music industry, it was filled with food, drink, late night events and lots of occasions. You don’t want to miss out on the fun but you don’t want to go home 5 lbs heavier every time you’re out on business, or pleasure or both! I know that it takes perspective and a plan to integrate your life so that you can reach your goals AND have your fun, too!

But what if this doesn't work:

I bet you’ve tried at least a handful of diets, if not more so.  I want to ask you a question: Did the diet not work or did you stop working the diet? Do you know why? I know so many of the whys and how to stabilize YOU in the process of working your food program -- so that you can have confidence in YOU to follow through on your dream of losing weight.

But I’m tired of losing the same weight over and over again:

Same! And worse, I’d gain more back! I’d lose 20 and gain back 40. Lose 40 and gain back 60. Lose 60 and gain back 80. SO freaking frustrating! I stopped the cycle for me by identifying what was happening that kept me looping in the same patterns and I will share that with you so that you can see it too. Once you do, you’ll be able to use the tools and the healing mindsets to allow you to get off of the merry-go-round and start living life without gaining the weight back.

So, what's going to make this different?

The difference is that we’re not just working with food, we’re about the task of addressing, healing, shifting, and stopping the patterns — so that you can lose weight and keep it off this time.. Because the thing that will make this different will be you being in a different place with different support. So, what will make this time and plan different?




I want to help you merge these two worlds!

One of the most frustrating things about a diet mindset is we deny ourselves for months on end… and then, the day comes when we fit into our jeans and we start eating like a mad woman!

Then, the cycle of guilt and regret kicks in (which we use more ‘forbidden foods’' to comfort us) and then, spiral down and gain the weight back.

Aren’t you tired of that?

Of living two lives?

Yeah. You don’t have to do that anymore.

I want to help you merge these two worlds. 

There are ways for you to enjoy the foods you love AND lose the weight. It takes balance, wisdom, and conscious choices. It’s not going to be a free-for-all but you can enjoy your life AND your weight loss goals.

Say it loud and proud, “I can have my cake and be me, too.”


yummy cake + happy me, please!