I always knew he was different...


I just knew he was different.

When Caleb was 5 he would touch certain vitamin bottles on the counter and say, “These have lightning bolts in them, Momma. These are good for me!”

 When he was 7, we were in Sedona in a gem store and he held up an amethyst and said, “Momma! THIS has healing in it!” He then asked the woman at the desk for something to tie it and she handed him a piece of hide that he wrapped around the stone and onto a stick. A couple was watching him and he said to the woman, “You have an owie…” he began scanning her body until the stone was pointing toward her right knee, “... right here.” Her smile faded to a serious one as she turned to me and said, “How does he know?” I just shrugged my shoulders as he waved the stone around the area and said, “It’s going to be much better now.” And he walked away to find his brother and dad in the store.

When he was 11, he came home from school and said, “Momma, I think I’m an empath. When I touch someone’s shoulder, my heart rate changes and when I exhale, my heart leaves my body and travels around the room. I can feel what other people are feeling.”

I had been watching him for years, knowing things, having dreams, visions, able to talk to the brain injured children and understanding them, even if they could talk.

I wondered if it would ever turn to synesthesia – where he could see colors in people?

Sure enough, I returned from one of my Italian retreats I led and was walking down the hallway in my jeans and a sweater when he said to me, “Momma, go lie down in your room. I’ll be right there.”

I did and he started scanning my legs with his hand and said, “There’s purple all in your legs, Momma. No more grains and especially rice. Your body doesn’t like dairy either.”

I was stunned. He didn’t know that I had just had an energy worker at my Italian retreat and she had said that my legs were screaming. They were not happy with grains or dairy!

I went off both items and four days later he said, “Good job, Momma! The purple is more like little splinters now. Keep going!”

I could tell you literally hundreds of stories and next week, I will share a few of them – of the people Caleb’s life and energy healing has touched.

I want this for you, too. This is why Caleb will be featured with his tremendous gifts and love, at our ½ day conference designed just for you.

Please join us for this special, special event where you can shift your energy, and shift your life!

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