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I always knew he was different...


I just knew he was different.

When Caleb was 5 he would touch certain vitamin bottles on the counter and say, “These have lightning bolts in them, Momma. These are good for me!”

 When he was 7, we were in Sedona in a gem store and he held up an amethyst and said, “Momma! THIS has healing in it!” He then asked the woman at the desk for something to tie it and she handed him a piece of hide that he wrapped around the stone and onto a stick. A couple was watching him and he said to the woman, “You have an owie…” he began scanning her body until the stone was pointing toward her right knee, “... right here.” Her smile faded to a serious one as she turned to me and said, “How does he know?” I just shrugged my shoulders as he waved the stone around the area and said, “It’s going to be much better now.” And he walked away to find his brother and dad in the store.

When he was 11, he came home from...

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Get Strong

The first flight that crashed where we had more survivors than casualties, following the crash, was in Sioux City, Iowa.

I remember sitting as a 20 year-old transfixed, as the survivor count climbed higher and higher.

A year later, I read a story on the anniversary:

There was a man on the flight who had this very strange tap on his soul a few months before the flight. A normally sedentary man, he became fixated with working out and eating right. Practically obsessed out of seemingly nowhere, he answered this “calling” of sorts to be at the gym before work and after.

He just heeded the call though he didn’t know why.

Until that fateful day. When the plane crashed in front of all of us viewing from home, and turned upside down filling with smoke; this man had the strength to unlock the seatbelts of the unconscious passengers who were dangling from the above him in the overturned plane, they dropped in his arms and he ran out to bring them to safety on the airfield.


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Gluten-Free Holidays -- My Favorite Pie Crusts

I've been gluten free for more than 10 years now and it has helped me so much on my Hashimoto's healing journey!

It was hard at first (being % Italian and all) but once I removed gluten from my diet , it made such a difference in my energy, weight, skin and stomach issues!

(No more sitting in the Italian restaurant bathroom, begging to not die, while Frank Sinatra sings “I Did It My Way”)

During the holidays, I still want to bake and enjoy pumpkin pie - which is my fave!

My 2 go-to traditional pie crusts are:

Wholly Wholesome, Pie Shell Gluten Free 9 Inch 2 Count


Silly Zak's Gluten Free Pie Crusts (2 shells)

Their crusts are flaky and perfect for sweet or savory! (Check out yesterday’s post with my scrummy quiche!)

And BONUS: If you’re looking for a yummy alternative for your pumpkin pie, try Mi-Del Gluten Free Pie Crust, Graham Style as the base instead.

You will love how it tastes just like Fall and you won’t miss out on any of...

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The Day I Fell Into a Hole...

It was April of 2019, sitting in a woodsy breakfast café in St. George, Utah when I told the boys and Rock.

We had traveled from our home in Southern California a few days before. This was the morning after when just finished performing a successful and super fun Carole King/James Taylor Tribute Show at the Electric Theatre the night before with our friend and fellow musician, David Jorgenson.

The boys and Rock did such a great job on vocals, violin, sax, and percussion!

Me and David before the show. He did a great job on all things James Taylor!

After the concert and a fitful night sleep, I woke up in the rental, stared at the unfamiliar ceiling, and couldn’t stop crying.

There’s a normal case of the blues that can hit most artists after a big project ends... I felt it when I finished recording my first solo music CD in 1997, after directing the opening choir on a project with Celine Dion for a stadium of 17K people in 1998. And it happened when I published my...

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PCOS Diva Podcast: The Opportunity in Your Diagnosis with Stacey Robbins‬

"Stacey Robbins is an inspiration. I love her sense of humor and sage approach to illness, healing, aging, and life in general.

(link to Podcast:

She encourages us to use every circumstance, including a diagnosis, to transform our victim mindset, rediscover our sense of humor, and learn to love ourselves again. Listen in (or read the transcript) as we discuss her journey through PCOS and Hashimoto’s, extreme weight gain and loss, healing, and finding the path to loving herself. Many of us will find commonality with her as she describes how it took her diagnosis to convince her to listen to her body, seize the opportunity, and heal from the soul out. No matter where you are in your journey, you owe it to yourself to hear her wisdom about how to heal and truly thrive."  

Amy Medling

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Hashimoto's: The Power Of ‘I Believe’

First of all, for anyone who knows me personally or has read my book, “You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone” you know this:

I am not into the whole victim mentality.

Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t acted like a victim

Or that I don’t still dip my toes in the pool of victimhood from time-to-time

Because I do.

The difference between then and now is that I notice it faster and jump out of it more quickly than I did before.

I’m not into people using their diagnosis as an excuse to be a major asshole or as a reason to make the world revolve around them.

I’m telling you that up front because what I’m about to address is super important for people who are dealing with an autoimmune condition and for people who live with or love someone with an autoimmune condition.

It’s the power of

I believe.

Two coaching clients in the last two days reminded me of this.

I Believe You

One told me a story that was a risk for her to...

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