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Get Strong

The first flight that crashed where we had more survivors than casualties, following the crash, was in Sioux City, Iowa.

I remember sitting as a 20 year-old transfixed, as the survivor count climbed higher and higher.

A year later, I read a story on the anniversary:

There was a man on the flight who had this very strange tap on his soul a few months before the flight. A normally sedentary man, he became fixated with working out and eating right. Practically obsessed out of seemingly nowhere, he answered this “calling” of sorts to be at the gym before work and after.

He just heeded the call though he didn’t know why.

Until that fateful day. When the plane crashed in front of all of us viewing from home, and turned upside down filling with smoke; this man had the strength to unlock the seatbelts of the unconscious passengers who were dangling from the above him in the overturned plane, they dropped in his arms and he ran out to bring them to safety on the airfield.


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Imagine this...

Hey Friends,

Imagine yourself in April of 2022.

Standing in the middle of your bedroom looking in the mirror.

  • Seeing someone who is more relaxed and at peace
  • Someone who has greater health and energy
  • Someone who is leaner and stronger
  • Someone who feels proud of themselves...

... and like they have the whole rest of the year ahead of them to accomplish their next great step.

That's you.

What is it going to take?

It's going to take you, saying yes, to you.

You, listening to that thing that is tapping on your soul and taking those steps.

I know you want to feel 'ready'. I know you want to feel like the stars are aligned. But here's what I've learned: You have to be the first person to be your champion and your hero. You have to sometimes do the things you don't feel like and then the feelings will come.

I didn't "feel" like doing yoga every day 93 days ago. I KNEW I needed yoga. Now I'm stronger, my back is no longer in pain, I have peaceful energy.

I didn't "feel"...

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You Were Born to Rise

Good Easter Monday to you all! I hope your weekend had beauty and wonder in it. I was thinking of you!

As the organizing bug has bitten me HARD, I was tooling about the kitchen, pulling items out of the cupboards and putting them in plastic bins with darling labels, I contemplated Easter.


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Family members  who were feeling extra cautious meant no visits and then we canceled plans with friends in LA just because I had a sense we needed a clear weekend to rest and regroup after launching my new weight loss bundle this last month, It made me wonder how we should celebrate the day in a simple, thoughtful, delicious and fun way…

(check out this yummy gluten-free cinnamon roll french toast I made!)


We’re not religious. We have a beautiful faith and a peaceful, joyful spirituality that we live more than we talk about because that works for us and serves others to feel loved.

So, when I thought of Easter, I asked myself: What is the universal message...

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