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Get Strong

The first flight that crashed where we had more survivors than casualties, following the crash, was in Sioux City, Iowa.

I remember sitting as a 20 year-old transfixed, as the survivor count climbed higher and higher.

A year later, I read a story on the anniversary:

There was a man on the flight who had this very strange tap on his soul a few months before the flight. A normally sedentary man, he became fixated with working out and eating right. Practically obsessed out of seemingly nowhere, he answered this “calling” of sorts to be at the gym before work and after.

He just heeded the call though he didn’t know why.

Until that fateful day. When the plane crashed in front of all of us viewing from home, and turned upside down filling with smoke; this man had the strength to unlock the seatbelts of the unconscious passengers who were dangling from the above him in the overturned plane, they dropped in his arms and he ran out to bring them to safety on the airfield.

He did this over and over, rescuing many on that historical day.

As I mentioned last week, I’m in a time of fasting, detoxing, eliminating, and listening.

Not just for me, but for our world.

I’m getting the message of “4 months to get strong so you can be strong.”
Last Fall I had three dreams whilst in the Netherlands about “preparation”. Then a bit ago, the message of “trust”. Then, the message of “get strong now so you can be strong later.”
What can you do to get strong in your mind, body, will, spirit?
I am starting a 100 day gong and inviting you to take on a discipline for 100 days to help you get strong.
What is tapping on your soul?
Whatever it is: let’s do that together for the next 100 days staring Jan 18.
Join me here:

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