The Day I Fell Into a Hole...

It was April of 2019, sitting in a woodsy breakfast café in St. George, Utah when I told the boys and Rock.

We had traveled from our home in Southern California a few days before. This was the morning after when just finished performing a successful and super fun Carole King/James Taylor Tribute Show at the Electric Theatre the night before with our friend and fellow musician, David Jorgenson.

The boys and Rock did such a great job on vocals, violin, sax, and percussion!

Me and David before the show. He did a great job on all things James Taylor!

After the concert and a fitful night sleep, I woke up in the rental, stared at the unfamiliar ceiling, and couldn’t stop crying.

There’s a normal case of the blues that can hit most artists after a big project ends... I felt it when I finished recording my first solo music CD in 1997, after directing the opening choir on a project with Celine Dion for a stadium of 17K people in 1998. And it happened when I published my...

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